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Rent Payment Schedule

Rental Payment Policy

  • All full rental payments are to be made on the 1st day, no later than the 3rd day, of every month. 
  • No partial payments are accepted.
  • All funds received will be applied to account charges in the order that the charges were incurred, (First In-First Out).
  • Pet fees are required to be paid in full, prior to allowing any animal on the property.
  • Payments must be made by ACH draft, money order, cashiers check, or personal check.
  • Personal checks will only be accepted on the account of the Lessee on the lease.
  • If we receive a return check for whatever reason, personal checks will no longer be accepted.
  • Cash is NEVER accepted, for any reason. 
  • Personal Checks will not be accepted for late rent payment after the 7th day of the month.
There are no exceptions to this policy.